Monday, June 1, 2009

Latest Lambs

Sparx finally had her lambs! But being the good mom that she is, she was making it very difficult for me to get a good picture, even though by this point they were already a couple of days old! She kept herself between her lambs and me the entire time. But I thought this pic kind of cute - looks like the lambs are kissing, while Sparx keeps her focus on me. The lamb to the left is the ewe and the spotted katmoget on the right, the ram. Total lamb count is now 117 - 15 of them being Shetlands, the others, BWS. I believe the breakdown is 60 ewe lambs and 57 ram lambs, including 6 sets of triplets, which we don't really breed for, as I prefer twins. With triplets, I always worry, often supplementing one or more of them. Too costly. Twins are normally no problem, moms provide all their nutrition - after all, the ewe only has two faucets - why in the world would anyone want triplets?
Not a lot going on here - well, not a lot to blog about anyway - always way too much work to do. We are down to the last two weeks of school for Nicholas. The Science Fair is over, the last band concert has been presented. Lambing is over for all intents and purposes, although I do have a Shetland or two with a bit of an udder, so should have a couple of summer lambs. I must get back to skirting the rest of the fleeces, maybe try my hand at a little dying. I did finish a pair of socks for Mother's Day, but forgot to take a picture of them before giving them to my mom! I am about to finish a stole that I started a couple of years ago and am working on a lace scarf, but no pictures of those to show you - maybe next time. So, in lieu of fiber pictures, I leave you with a picture of Fuzzball, sleeping, for a change, on a couch pillow, instead of on whatever I happen to be knitting at the moment!

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