Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Finally, Another Shetland

This is the little girl that greeted me just before I went to bed last night:

The best shot I could get this morning, as Abra (her mom) was being the typical Shetland and not letting me get near her. Of course, that's what I like about the Shetlands - their primitive responses to things like lambing. Don't let anyone with a camera get close to your lambs! The lamb looks to be grey yuglet katmoget - sired by Psalm 23 Edinburagh, now gone from the farm, as he tried to kill one of his ewes last fall.

Now to finish my cup of coffee and back outside. We had a set of Coopworth twins early this morning and I want to check on them. One of our Polypays is soon to lamb. And Nutmeg, another of our Shetlands, had a difficult lambing this morning - I ended up having to corral her and pull the lamb. Lamb is a ewe (I think) and appears to be nursing, but Nutmeg is very skittish and I wanted to back off and let them do their thing without me hovering. I thought that was a good excuse to come in for a few minutes and have my first cup of the morning.


Laura said...

Too bad Eddie turned on you. At least you have a few lambs from him. I'm almost done lambing -just one ewe left and an accidental one at that! Good luck with all your lambing.

Lael said...

Eddie produced beautiful lambs and I was so glad to see that he had bred some, if not all, of his ewes before we decided to take him to market. It looks like even the ewe he tried to kill is bred. 47 lambs on the ground here - only three Shetlands, so far, but they are all ewes! And all Eddie's.