Sunday, January 31, 2010

Quick - Let's Post Something Before the End of January!!!

I'm sure that any "regular" readers of my blog have all but given up on me. No posts for a month and a half! It's not that I haven't been doing anything or thinking anything. Just really nothing that has been "blogworthy". I could have posted Xmas pictures - I did take some of the tree, but wasn't all that impressed with them. And I took some more outdoorsy photos. Nothing good there either. But here is a picture of the scarf I knit for my father for Xmas. I'm a bit late to the party, but I finally got around to knitting one of those Noro scarves that everyone was doing a while back - this is Silk Garden in colorways 269 and 279. I did mine in a broken rib pattern, as I'm not a huge fan of standard 2 x 2 ribbing. And I must say that I now understand why everyone was going nuts knitting these scarves - they are very addictive. I didn't want to stop knitting this one, but it seemed a good length for my dad and Xmas was upon us, so I had to cast off and wrap it.

So I cast on another one, although, since I'm not made of money, I am doing this one out of Lion Brand's new wool/acrylic blend "Amazing" in the colorways Aurora and Mesa. It is a pinkish/purplish thing with some blues, golds and autumn tones mixed in. Not quite as bright pink as it shows up in the picture. I'm not a "pink" person and I have absolutely nothing to wear with it - of course, I guess it would go with my barn jacket, which is black - but the sheep might revolt if they saw me wearing a scarf that was partially acrylic!

Which brings me to my other excuse for not blogging in awhile. Last summer we got a new computer. But the old computer was still working fine (although since it was about 10 years old, it couldn't handle some of the newer things we wanted to do with it - thus the computer purchase) Well, we had been gradually transferring stuff from the old to the new, using the new for current things. But since we have dial-up internet, the old computer was still our internet computer. We aren't "networked" or anything - no wireless access, so we couldn't use both. Well, I finally caved and Larry unplugged the phone line from the huge, bulky dinosaur and plugged it into the new, sleek, slim CPU. I got all the correct codes and phone numbers and all programmed into the new machine. But - speaking of dinosaurs - my digital camera is ancient - 1.3 mega pixels - can you even buy something with that few mega pixels anymore? And I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to view/edit/post pictures from it. Well, as you can see above, I can, sort of, although I am using different software and I'm not as "fluent" in the editing process as I was with the old software - therefore, a picture of a really PINK scarf, when I wouldn't be caught dead in something that was really this PINK. I wonder if I can find the old software and load it on this computer. Probably too old for this new technology!

So, January is almost over - a quiet time here, really. The rams went back together after breeding season fairly uneventfully, earlier this month. The ewes are getting fat, hopefully the adults are all bred - lambing is scheduled to begin mid-April. We've got a month and a half before shearing. So I think I will enjoy this relative lull and do some spinning and knitting and look forward to warmer weather and lots of woolly twins!