Friday, May 25, 2012

Just Lamb Pictures

I know there are a couple of you out there that really only read the blog for the lamb pictures, so here you go.

First, one of our cross bred lambs.  She's 1/4 Coopworth, 1/4 Polypay and 1/2 Icelandic.  And I might just keep this one.  I'm curious to see her fleece in the spring.

Next, our youngest baby, a little Shetland ewe - fawn gulmoget.  She was born to one of the few lambs I exposed to the ram last fall.

Below is the lamb from the first picture, with her twin sister.

Ram lamb, he's 1/2 Coopworth and 1/2 Icelandic.  He was born to a yearling (coming two year old) Coopworth, a first time mom and he was HUGE when he was born.  I don't weigh lambs anymore, now that we don't have a production flock, but I should have weighed him.  He's about a month old (this picture was taken awhile ago) and is almost as big as our Shetland yearlings.

And this little guy was almost a bottle baby.  He is one of Lily's (Shetland) lambs.  He had a twin brother, but Lily had some health issues and lost the one.  I supplemented him with the occasional bottle, but Lily is now back on her feet and he is off the bottle.  But still very friendly.  Which is unfortunate, since a friendly ram cannot stay on this farm.

And, last, but not least, another of the younger Shetland lambs.  A pretty decent sized ram born to a first time mom.  Grey katmoget.

And, I did a count and we ended up with 48 lambs and kids this year.  Mostly twins, except to the first time moms - many of them had singles.  I like crossing the Icelandic ram on the BWS ewes - the lambs end up with shorter tails and I didn't dock any of them.  Just that big ram lamb above has a tail that is a bit long, but as he will go to market, I wasn't too concerned about that.  It just didn't seem to make sense to dock off bits that were no longer than my finger (and I have little hands).  And, since we are primarily a Shetland flock again, I figured all the sheep can now have small tails (we tried to leave longer docks on our BWS anyway).

So, there are some lamb pictures for you.  Enjoy!


Kelly said...

It was great running into you again this year at the Spin In. I love the mini skeins that I got from you.
Good looking gray kat, I love how light she is.

Lael said...

Nice seeing you, too, at Spin In - glad you are enjoying the mini skeins - tell all your friends!